With us
is your baby
in right hands

About us

Who are we?
We are professional babysitting and tutoring agency for children of every age. We operate in two cities Bratislava and Banská Bystrica. We prefer our team consists of qualified, reliable babysitters with rich experience and great love for children. If you are looking for someone who can be trusted with the care of your little treasure, you finally found. With us is your baby in right hands. Babysitting4you is the right choise when will your child feel save and comfy. The agency has insurance in case of an injury of a child or in case of property damage. We own a business license.

What do we offer?
We offer babysitting  one-time as well as regular babysitting. Our services are avaible every day of the year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. They include house-cleaning, helping with household chores, picking up children from kindergartens and schools droping off for their leisure time activities. Children looked after  especially at home environmnent where they feel comfotable, but we also offer babysitting  at weddings, social events and in children's playground. We can provide tutoring of all subjects and in different languages. Tutors have pedagogical education. We can also arrange birthday parties with amazing program full of games and various activities. Our babysitting team will take care of all children.

Why choose us?
We guarantee the quality of our services by working with the nannies in field of health service, pedagogical  and social education services. Our most first priority when choosing a nanny is considering her relationship with the children. With our effective management we can provide high quality services at low cialis sans ordonnance cost. Our regular clients will be grated with discount or bonus FREE HOURS!